I have been helping BBC Scotland address the diversity strand in the media in Scotland.

It a privilege to announce that the entertainment development team at BBC Scotland is always developing new formats and looking for a diverse range of people to be involved in the process either as stand-in contestants or contributing to brainstorming sessions and focus groups.

They are currently building a database of people who are interested in being a part of that process and as part of our commitment to diversity want to ensure that we are talking to and listening to the greatest range of people.

It’s a small step that is being complemented by the inclusion which aims to improve opportunities for disabled people to get started within the industry.

We are looking for at this stage is to get the word out to different groups that we are actively looking to expand our database of people and if people would like to register their interest in being involved as a gameshow contestant or part of a focus group, then we’d love to hear from them.

If you have any queries about this project contact the development team

Every year the BBC Scotland entertainment development team is working on brand new ideas to join some of the great programmes already produced by the department, like Tonight’s the Night, A Question of Genius, The Weakest Link and T in the Park.

We often test new gameshow formats and look for feedback on the entertainment programmes you like to see.

To do this effectively, however, we need volunteers to assist with the development process. If you would like to join our database of contestant and focus group volunteers please contact the team and we will send you further details. Contact the development team

We’d be looking for people to be Scotland-based. In reality most of the people who come in are Glasgow-based but we do want to broaden to the whole of Scotland.

Key criteria for anyone wanting to be invovled is simply to have an interest in television entertainment and to be interested in quiz shows. With that in mind, a decent general knowledge is a good start, but beyond that there are really no boundaries.

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