Understanding Other Expectations

Everyone has their own expectations of what they want to achieve in life and should be given the encouragement to do so.

In this article, I am talking about expectations of disabled people when it comes to finding a suitable job in the competitive job market. I have the same expectations as able bodies to attain a career in my relevant field of information technology/technologies.

I have worked with countless recruitment agencies to seek the perfect job! Some have understood my expectations my desire to work for these well known companies and other recruitment agencies, simply don’t understand the expectation of an disabled individual! (I realized that must be a challenge because everyone is unique in their own way when it comes to talent!)

Three of my contacts who work in recruitments have been supportive as they assist you enabling you to start or progress with your career goals.  This particular recruiter, strike me that he was very engaging and understands my expectations in terms of where I want to be. When you going through recruitment, you have to be focus and clear about what you want and then the recruiter can help achieve your objectives and prepare you for the recruitment stages. It becomes a vision of partnership.

More recently, I was put through my paces of rigorous recruitment process completing against other many of whom who were non disabled. It was rewarding experience to be given the opportunity to complete in this competitive job market. They were so supportive in leading me through each stage of the process. I felt reassured and kept informed of the development.  It no wonder that I gained a positive experience from them.

The company has welcomed my feedback to address this recruitment strand in relation to disability recruitment. Perhaps the company want to seek new ways of working to recruit and create a diversified workforce within their company. Perhaps they feel the need to be empowered to look at implementing change were a diverse candidate can feel confident in applying to these multi-national companies.

These companies need to look at their long term objective in relation to diversity and what they need to achieved these different results, it will be the case of trying different approaches.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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