Diversity and Disability

New Disability Sports – RaceRunning

It my pleasure to share with you all of a brand new disability sports that seems to be taken Scotland by storm!

The new disability sports called RaceRunning and I have been appointed as their patron to head up RaceRunning Scotland. (I hope it won’t be too long until we can roll-out the involvement of adults with disabilities can take part.)

What is RaceRunning?

A Running Bike is a three wheeled bike with no pedals which supports you as you walk or run. Running Bikes are used by people of all ages for recreation and sport at a variety of levels. A Running Bike is a very effective way of improving overall fitness, strength and well-being. Despite considerable physical challenges, most users are able to use the Running Bike to propel themselves considerably faster than they can unassisted.

The bike can be used by children from 3-4 years through to adulthood. It is predominantly suitable for those with Cerebral Palsy, although it is also suitable for those with Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinsons Disease and other disabilities that affect mobility and balance. The low centre of gravity and frame design offers good stability and poise whilst running or walking. The saddle unit counter-acts lateral sway and also can be used as a seat when resting.

The Running Bike rolls so freely that even children and adults who have been restricted to power wheelchairs have now found a way propelling themselves by their own efforts.

RaceRunning International
RaceRunning is an international disability sport in which children and adults compete with running bikes on an athletics track. Events range from 40m to 3000m. Competitors are classified based on their disability and race against other competitors in their class.

I look forward to taking on a patronage role for RaceRunning Scotland. This is a unique sports one which I believed can greatly enhance the mobility of person’s disability.  I believe passionately that fellow disabled peers must have the same quality and opportunities to lead a fulfilled life as everyone else and RaceRunning will hopefully deliver mutual recreational and competitive benefits for disabled participants.

Here are a few interesting links:

RaceRunning Scotland – live soon

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Scottish Disability Sports

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