Julie's Challenge Appeal

Julie’s Glasgow Challenge

JULIE MCELROY is to take part in the Great Scottish Run on Sunday 2 September 2012 which is sponsored by the Bank of Scotland.

Julie born was with Cerebral Palsy resulting in leaving her with speech, hearing and mobility difficulties. Despite this, she has never let anything stand in her way. The medical staff was quite vague about the future and could not predict the outcome. Doctor’s could not initially foretell if Julie could ever walk and her parents were advised to just wait and see. However, a remarkable outcome lay ahead in store for Julie and thus the beginning of many new varied ventures started to unfold determining possibilities beyond belief.

Julie says “the reason for undertaking my first 10K was the inspiration from the Evening Times ‘s Scotswomen of Year, the ladies decided to challenge my fitness further and the Editor’s impetus that inspired me to put this challenge into action”. She goes onto say “I decided to investigate whether they would allows disabled people to walk it as running isn’t my greatest strength at the moment due to the severe complexity of my walking gait and that was what got really the ball rolling”.

Julie will be accompanied by Jacqueline Mackenzie Robb who has worked with Julie previously as a Note taker at University of the West of Scotland. Jacqueline says “Julie is an inspiration to all society both to able bodied people and those with disabilities. It is with great admiration for her and confidence that she will continue with her ventures and grow and develop to achieve her aspirations and dreams. I have found and continue to find it a privilege working with Julie, and during this period, I believe Julie has many talents. The one that I have found to be the most outstanding is her talent to be able to motivate and inspire people for the benefit of society in all walks of life, and her sense of humour in which I can relate too”.

Julie goes on to quote “since I’ve seen the bestowed effect of keeping up my physical strength, it also give your confidence a boost” and for someone like her, she has encountered functional benefits of doing exercises and therefore an improved quality of life by engaging in regular resistance training (RT). She has confronted a renewed confidence which has inspired her to take her fitness to another level which has seen a dramatic improvement in her endurance and balance co-ordination.

I hope this event will demonstrate what disabled people can participate in even if it involves walking or power walking. This is an opportunity to be part of an fantastic event.

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