Launch of GlasBowl2013

In all seriousness, I don’t know where the time is going these days as my Para-Sports journey is becoming a real eye opener of exploring what the people of Glasgow are doing in the build-up to Glasgow2014.

It seems like it was only days ago that I signed up to lend my support to GlasBowl2013 after being approached by Anne Dunwoodie who is a Scottish Internationalist of Lawn Bowls, work for Taylor Bowls and long time supporter of Woodend Bowling Club’s attempts to develop wider Community Engagement and Sponsor of Woodend Warriors the newly formed Junior Section of Woodend Bowling Club.

GlasBowl was first introduced last year as part of the Scottish Government’s Glasgow2014 legacy programme. The aim of GlasBowl initiative spearheaded by Woodend Bowling Club and its aim is to introduce 1000 Glasgow children to Lawn Bowls by the time the 2014 Commonwealth Games arrives in the city next summer and currently it is well on track. Led by volunteers and members of Jordanhill’s Woodend Bowling Club, supported by Bowls Scotland, Taylor Bowls and Active Schools, the inaugural GlasBowl2012 introduced 350 P6 boys and girls to the game by targeting its seven local primary schools.

Tom Hamilton, the Development Offcier at Woodend who has been charge of organising this event, first heard about Julie through Anne Dunwoodie who is a Scottish Internationalist Bowler and he said ‘It was obvious that Julie’s enthusiasm and passion for sport and promoting the Para-Sports agenda whilst changing the societies perceptions sat perfectly with what we were striving to do at Woodend Bowling Club and the GlasBowl agenda specifically’.

On arrival at Woodend, I was startled how welcoming Woodend was as I took a visit to the club today and for the first time ever! I must do more support my community! Therefore, I was delighted to lend my support and the hard work and energy that Tom and the committee put into the Woodend Club. It was evident on arrival that there was a warm and relax atmosphere and everyone seems user friendly.

I was amazed to see how well used the facility is and it obviously boost the morale of the community spirit that we are fortunate have access to state of the art modern facility. I must thanks Anne for approaching me with this motion of support. Anne and I have become good friends ever since our path cross since last September.

David Gourlay, Scottish Head Coach for the Scottish International Team, Ricky Taylor who will lead the sport at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, completing Bowls’ management team and Stuart Anderson, the current World Champion and Scottish Internationalist from Auchinleck, Ayrshire were also in attendance at GlasBowl2013.

It was a good turnout of youngster considering the time, energy and awareness that went into the event. Tom even mentioned that they are working at establishing Woodend as a disability sports hub for bowls through Bowls Scotland and Scottish Disability Sports.

Reflecting on a successful day in bowling terms, Tom said “Its fantastic. I can’t express how exciting a time it is to see so many children on the green, Last year’s GlasBowl event and the final in particular was such a positive experience and it’s great to have kids coming up to you in the supermarket and saying how much they enjoyed it. One of the most memorable moments was when one of the GlasBowl participants was asking his dad if they could go to watch Lawn Bowls at the Commonwealth games when they come. How cool is that!!”.

Finally, I will be back at Woodend in June to see the Glasgow’s Primary Schools finale and I have been invited to come along and meet Bowls Scotland team at the end of May at Kelvingrove when the hard work, training and preparation begins in earnest at the test series for the Scottish Internationalists complete for a place in the Glasgow2014 squad.

Look forward to charting the GlasBowl journey after a very successful launch of GlasBowl2013. Next year will be even more exciting!

GlasBowl2013 Brand Logo

GlasBowl2013 Brand Logo
Photographs: Anne Dunwoodie