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ParaCommonwealth Challenge – Lawn Bowls

I embarked on exploring the Parasports for Glasgow 2014 and I thought I would share the journey with you all.

Ron McArthur’s warmth and engaging personality made me put myself at ease while playing Lawn Bowls. However, I have to say this sports is initially challenging which requires a great deal of practice, focus and persistence. I must commend Ron’s dedication, patience and resilience for his duty and passion to play Lawn Bowls for years on end. Anne was such a pleasure to meet, her warm and charismatic personality made me so welcome too.

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and trying out Lawn Bowls. Ron, Anne and Garry made me so welcome and I can see that Lawn Bowls brings a great social scene for individuals to be part of this sports.Photographer: Ron McArthur

Afterwards when I was speaking to one of my friends about the Para-sports journey, she literally summed it up in a nutshell:

The Para-sports will be amazing challenge, very fulfilling I imagine.

Nice email’s comment from Ron McArthur:
It was a great pleasure to meet you, I really enjoyed our short coaching session and I was delighted with your enthusiasm and I hope you enjoy the rest of  the para sport equally well.  You have an ebullient nature and I am sure you will be able to adapt to what ever circumstances you find yourself in.

Testimonial from Ron McArthur

I have just had a fantastic coaching session with a remarkable young lady. Julie McElroy suffers from CP and the Glasgow Evening Times are doing a feature on this young lady. She is trying every Para Sport, that will be at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. She started with lawn bowls and the coaching took place at Kelvingrove. I was supported by Garry Brown, a SDS Internationalist, who also has CP. I am also grateful to Anne Dunwoodie and Taylor Bowls who supplied the bowls for Julie to play with.

This young lady does not allow her disability to get in her way, she has climbed the Andes, run marathons, canoes, nothing is impossible to her. A delight to meet and a pleasure to coach.

For all the Scottish bowlers, get yourself along to Kelvingrove, the ground staff have done a tremendous job. It is open from 12 noon each day and it cost nothing to play. Give it a go and help bed in the greens.

One reply on “ParaCommonwealth Challenge – Lawn Bowls”

Yes, Ron is a true gentleman, not only does he give full dedication to assisting the bowlers themselves, be they blind, physically disabled, young or getting on in years, but he also encourages all of the coaches who help to pass on their knowledge and expertise to all involved. As one of these coaches, thanks, Ron !!

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