ParaCommonwealth Stories

The Funny Side of Lawn Bowls

One particular night is one that I won’t forget in hurray, thanks to the true friendship with Frazer Paton.

We decided on a much needed catch-up as both us have been incredibly busy lately that days run into weeks on end and we realize that we must do ‘dinner’ as we thoroughly enjoy each other company. The night was a testament of gratification, laughter, silliness etc.

Frazer was interested to know what I’ve been up to on ParaCommonwealth journey and how much a profound impact this journey had on me personally as its broaden my horizon and potentials.  I infilled him about the pleasure and enjoyment of the exposure of ‘Lawn Bowls’ lately!

Everyone knows what ‘Lawn Bowls’ is?!! Meanwhile, I was telling Frazer about ‘Lawn Bowls’ and the people I’ve come into contact with, the hopes and desire of Garry (a CP athlete) hoping to complete in the Parasport, Glasgow2014, ‘Lawn Bowls’ and I also went onto say that I was given ‘Junior Bowls’ because my hands are small and the big bowls are gigantic!

It seems everything I said up until now has been swimmingly followed until Frazer started quizzing me about ‘Lawn Bowls’! He asked where about at Kelvingrove can you play and how often can you go along and play. I said ‘You can go to Kelvingrove and it is open from 12 noon each day and it cost nothing to play’. Clearly, Frazer looked lost, he couldn’t believe that you could go along each day for free, something clearly wasn’t adding up in the way I had explained it and his facial expressions still continued to confuse me!

Frazer asked for clarity in what I said firsthand ‘Lawn Bowls’! LOL (Laughing Out Loud), he thought I had said something along the lines of ‘Strongbow’ (cider) or Long Bow which is used to Bow Arrow/Archery!  When I repeated myself in what ‘Lawn Bowls’ was all about and did a brief demonstration of it using my hand, he finally understood me and puts his head in embarrassment! He thought it was so funny in the way I had said ‘Lawn Bowls’! He refers it a Green Bowling! Both of us were in a state of tears and laughter hysterically. I could hardly stop laughing at him, he thought I was trying to make him look daft!

What a night and a tale to remember! Atleast now, Frazer understands what I mean! We will now be telling our friends about this episode!

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