Taylor Bowls – It All About The Aces

Taylor Bowls recently kitted me out with new bowls as I am now able to play Bowls. A remarkable feat considering I only took up the sport since September last year.

This bowling journey has been a rollercoaster as it requires full co-ordination, precision and concentration from me to allotaybiaschartw me to find a standing position where I can bowl. However, with the positive and corrective guidance from Jim my coach, I am beginning to enjoy playing a game of Bowls. The momentum has been great as I can now go alone and play with others without becoming reliant on a coach.

Taylor Bowls has been extremely supportive in  my quest to develop as a Para-Bowler. With the outdoor season about to get underway, it was important that I find the right type of Bowls. With the help of Anne Dunwoodie, a Scottish Internationalist who has witnessed my ParaSports journey since we first met three years ago advised that I try out Ace Bowls. I fell in love with Ace Bowls, they felt so different when playing with them indoor.

IMG_0025Also in the last few months, I have invested in new Bowls shoes but the process wasn’t straightforward as due to my stamina, endurance and strong hyperextension knee associated with Cerebral Palsy. I now have to wear wedges in my shoes and the mechanism was to be applied in Bowling as it would help with my bowling delivery. I invested in the latest Henselite model as they were the only Bowls shoes that enabled me to wear my Ankle-Foot Orthosis otherwise known as a Splint.

Standing on the mat is still proving to be problematic at times due to my poor core stability, however the physios are looking into it and hope to provide me with some answers in the next few months which will hopefully satisfy my Coach and I.

The next challenge in this Para-Bowls journey will be moving to outdoor surface from April onwards. This will poised a real challenge as the Greens will be heavier. It will be another area for my Coach, Jim to get me bowling in outdoor conditions. I shall await the challenge ahead of me!