SIE Intern of the Year

Delighted to have been named SIE (Scottish Institute for Enterprise) Intern of the Year for the University of the West of Scotland for the academic session of 2015/2016.

Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) are a government funded charitable organisation whose aim is to promote and support entrepreneurship and enterprise amongst Scotland’s students. My role within the university is to support SIE’s work and raise awareness of our competitions and services amongst students and educators.

This year, SIE appointed two interns for the University of the West of Scotland, Julie McElroy, who is currently a final year PhD student based within the University’s School of Computing, was born both profoundly deaf and with Cerebral Palsy, which affects the messages sent between the brain and the muscles as well as her movements and co-ordination and Angela Castellano is a second year undergraduate Web and Mobile Development student. Angela reprised her role having started with SIE in a voluntary Ambassador position in 2014 before becoming an SIE intern last year.

Julie and Angela’s remit with the SIE was to complement the current activities of the SIE team, working closely to support initiatives which stimulate entrepreneurship within the student population at UWS. The key requirement was to support SIE activities and initiatives, for the benefit of UWS.

This year has been a successful year for SIE at UWS as Julie and Angela set out a clear objective to engage with staff and students at UWS. During their seven months internship, they have covered all four campuses, engaged with over 100 staff, engaged with over 1000 students. UWS interns were the first to represent at the first TEEN (Tertiary Education Enterprise Network) and more importantly encouraging students to enter annual SIE cash prizes competitions.

Julie says ” I am delighted for UWS and SIE. We set out to achieve & deliver a transformational turnaround for them both before I finished University.  Angela and I had a vision to improve engagement, collaboration with staff and connection with students. The rewards of hard work paid off. Thankyou to all the staff and students throughout UWS this year for their engagement”.