First DofE Diamond Challenge

It is a pleasure to share my DofE Diamond Challenges Journey with you all and hope that you will be inspired to do your one-off DofE Diamond Challenge before December 2016 or donate to my DofE Diamond Challenge appeal.

As a recipient of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, I know how much the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme had taught me about myself. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is the catalyst for the young people.

Over the coming months, I am going to embark on three challenges which will give you an insight into many attributes that has required to plan these Challenges. Why have I chosen three Challenges because behind each Challenges has a story to tell and they will all interlinks into my DofE journey that I have managed to carve out. It is going to be tough – even one person who is involved in my other two challenges cited, “a lot of factors for you to consider before you take on this challenge Julie”. I am also planning to record video diaries of this journey so you see some of the people I meet along the way and many whom are strong advocate of the DofE Scotland.

My first DofE Diamond Challenge is embarking on Tall Ship Sailing voyage in June. It is literally only 6 weeks to go and have just passed my medical assessment for this once in a lifetime experience to be part of my DofE Diamond Challenges.

Life on the high sea is something few landlubbers will ever experience and I am so looking forward to going on a Tall Ship Sailing voyage. The adrenaline rush is going through me but I am slightly nervous with my disability is more noticeable. In recent years, my balance associated my Cerebral Palsy has become unsteady with hyperextension in my legs proving difficult to release the muscles tone. The main challenge will be grabbing onto things and make sure I don’t fall overboard! The overall experience is going to be exhilarating, challenging and rewarding working as a voyage crew to man a Tall Ship for five days around Scotland. It will have it challenges in terms of the Scottish weather at this time of year also! I will be keeping a Tall Ship log and share the peril of sea life with you all when I arrive back on dry land so you will have an opportunity to read it. In the meantime, I will update you days before I embark on this Tall Ship voyage in June.

I hope my Diamond Challenges inspire you to donate generously to give today’s young people are given the attributes to go forward on the DofE and give the young people need the necessity to propel them on a pathway to achieving their aspirations following the completion of the DofE Award.

To donate to Julie’s DofE Diamond Challenge Appeal: 


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