Julie McElroy –  Drive, Motivation and Passion

Julie McElroy epitomises drive, motivation and passion.  Throughout her life she has succeeded in so many challenges and achieved more than many people could ever dream of.  In doing so has become an inspirational figure to anyone she has encountered. 

Julie is a woman who has so much to offer in terms of possessing of ideas and concepts in every slant of any projects she undertake.

Everyone who meets Julie can see that she possesses the determination and fortitude required for success.  Julie makes the connections between the adversities and obstacles we face in everyday life to reaching your goals, and despite her own hurdles that she has to overcome, never lets anything get the better of her.

In Julie’s life, she had to deal with preconception of others. However, far from feeling down about this, Julie has always used it to spur herself on and become even more determined in achieving different goals.

In this blog, Julie will share her interests and aspirations she is currently pursuing. To date, she is currently pursuing her interests and aspirations in:

  • Technologies/Media/New Media
  • Diversity and Disabilities
  • More of Julie’s interests and her strive to raise awareness of them will be announce in due course.

One reply on “About”

Dear Julie just to let you know what a pleasure and privilege it was working with you as a clydesider at kelvingrove Iain noble

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