Understanding Other Expectations

Everyone has their own expectations of what they want to achieve in life and should be given the encouragement to do so. In this article, I am talking about expectations of disabled people when it comes to finding a suitable job in the competitive job market. I have the same expectations as able bodies toContinue reading “Understanding Other Expectations”

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

More and more nowadays, everyone is having to become an effective self organiser, learners and self-managers with the development of a wide range of skills and attributes that link to long term Personal Development Planning (PDP). Due to the increasing diversity of people, society in general, businesses and education are responding accordingly in order toContinue reading “Personal Development Planning (PDP)”

Disability is the last taboo!

  I was invited to London to present alongside with speakers: Alexandra O’Dwyer, Director of Communications and Marketing, Scope and Kirsty Monk, Accessibility Manager, Southern Railways and Cheryl Campsie, Forster PR.   This innovative business debate was evolved around on businesses interested in changing practice and thus build a society in which disabled people haveContinue reading “Disability is the last taboo!”

Diffusion 2010 – GirlGuiding UK

Diffusion 2010 I was chosen to co-facilitate the Diffusion 2010 training weekend around inclusion and diversity in GirlGuiding Scotland, which took place in Netherurd House from 22 to 24 October 2010.  I am also a Guides Leader with a Unit in Glasgow. The event was opened to Senior Section members from all over Scotland. OurContinue reading “Diffusion 2010 – GirlGuiding UK”


Equipping and inspiring leaders RADAR is interested in equipping people living with Ill health, Injury or Disability (IID) to be leaders and influencers in public life, and to take up leadership positions in the public, private and third (voluntary) sectors. That is what our Empowerment and Leadership programme is all about. RADAR won funding inContinue reading “RADAR LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME”


I have been helping BBC Scotland address the diversity strand in the media in Scotland. It a privilege to announce that the entertainment development team at BBC Scotland is always developing new formats and looking for a diverse range of people to be involved in the process either as stand-in contestants or contributing to brainstormingContinue reading “BBC SCOTLAND ENTERTAINMENT TEAM – NEED YOU!!”

Deafness Debated in the Scottish Parliament

FROM SHOP TO SCREEN, JULIE SHARES HER STORY ON HEARING LOSS For proof that hearing loss doesn’t have to be a barrier to achieving your goals in life then look no further than Julie McElroy. Born prematurely and later diagnosed with both cerebral palsy and profound sensory neural hearing loss, Julie is a prolific campaignerContinue reading “Deafness Debated in the Scottish Parliament”

Big Issues Scotland

Independent Living Big Issue supplement; “Rights Here Rights Now”.    You can read real life stories about the reality of independent living from across Scotland and find out what it will take to make rights the reality for all disabled people. Pam Duncan, Policy Officer, Independent Living in Scotland Project, interviews Julie for the Big IssuesContinue reading “Big Issues Scotland”

Supporting Students To Engage Meaningfully In The Learning Process

Supporting Students To Engage Meaningfully In The Learning Process on Tuesday 15 June. Julie an IT Graduate has been asked by Scotland’s Colleges to  present a presentation on the role of assistive technologies in supporting students. This is the first of several network events planned for practitioners who are learning and teaching students with significant additional supportContinue reading “Supporting Students To Engage Meaningfully In The Learning Process”