Conclusion of Google TechAbility

It is hard to believe that I was chosen for the Google TechAbility Mentoring Programme back in November 2012, just what I needed to retrieve guidance on where my career should lies or go. The Google TechAbility Mentoring Programme has been an intensive and require a commitment from both people to work together to getContinue reading “Conclusion of Google TechAbility”


P=f (AMO) – Ability, Motivation, Opportunities

Individual performance is a function of ability, motivation and opportunity or, alternatively, P= f (AMO) (Boxall and Purcell 2003). This article is centered around ‘P=f (AMO) – Ability, Motivation, Opportunities’ and it has prompted me to share the backdrop to how I’ve come across this formula. It is nearly five months ago when I wonContinue reading “P=f (AMO) – Ability, Motivation, Opportunities”

Disabled People VS Online Forums

From my disability connections, I was approached by MRUK, who are a research company. Firstly, Scotrail has asked them to conduct online focus groups with respondents who travel by rail and have mobility or disability issues. Capability Scotland pointed out that online focus groups are often not fully accessible and face to face can beContinue reading “Disabled People VS Online Forums”


On behalf of Forestry Commission Scotland: An innovative new outdoors project that introduces disabled people to woodlands and green space has taken its first six participants to Arran to take part in an inaugural ‘Wilderness Weekend’. This project is to encourage more people with disabilities to access woodlands and green space and is part ofContinue reading “INAUGURAL WILDERNESS WEEKEND SUCCESS”

Challenging Your Perception of Leadership

Julie is now becoming renowned for her leadership expertise. A far cry from a few years, she felt lost on where to take her vision of leadership forward into the future. However, thanks to RADAR (Royal Association for Disability Rights) who have nurture Julie’s leadership expertise and thus Julie has now become the forefront ofContinue reading “Challenging Your Perception of Leadership”

The Concepts of Learning – Parelli

Life is strange when so many things occur that lets us go our separate ways in life however our connections with riding, the threads remains. Judith Wright my former riding instructor approached me to come down to Greenarces Riding School and participate in a session about Parelli. Unknown to me, I thought this would beContinue reading “The Concepts of Learning – Parelli”

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

More and more nowadays, everyone is having to become an effective self organiser, learners and self-managers with the development of a wide range of skills and attributes that link to long term Personal Development Planning (PDP). Due to the increasing diversity of people, society in general, businesses and education are responding accordingly in order toContinue reading “Personal Development Planning (PDP)”


Equipping and inspiring leaders RADAR is interested in equipping people living with Ill health, Injury or Disability (IID) to be leaders and influencers in public life, and to take up leadership positions in the public, private and third (voluntary) sectors. That is what our Empowerment and Leadership programme is all about. RADAR won funding inContinue reading “RADAR LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME”