Conclusion of Google TechAbility

It is hard to believe that I was chosen for the Google TechAbility Mentoring Programme back in November 2012, just what I needed to retrieve guidance on where my career should lies or go. The Google TechAbility Mentoring Programme has been an intensive and require a commitment from both people to work together to getContinue reading “Conclusion of Google TechAbility”


ParaCommonwealth Challenge

For the next few years, I will share the journey with you through one of Scotland’s top newspapaer, Evening Times and films produced by GLASGOW2014 of capturing what it takes to be a para athlete undertaking Paralympics sports that will be featured in the Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games. They consists of athletics; swimming; track-cycling; lawn bowlsContinue reading “ParaCommonwealth Challenge”

Disabled People VS Online Forums

From my disability connections, I was approached by MRUK, who are a research company. Firstly, Scotrail has asked them to conduct online focus groups with respondents who travel by rail and have mobility or disability issues. Capability Scotland pointed out that online focus groups are often not fully accessible and face to face can beContinue reading “Disabled People VS Online Forums”


I have been helping BBC Scotland address the diversity strand in the media in Scotland. It a privilege to announce that the entertainment development team at BBC Scotland is always developing new formats and looking for a diverse range of people to be involved in the process either as stand-in contestants or contributing to brainstormingContinue reading “BBC SCOTLAND ENTERTAINMENT TEAM – NEED YOU!!”

Supporting Students To Engage Meaningfully In The Learning Process

Supporting Students To Engage Meaningfully In The Learning Process on Tuesday 15 June. Julie an IT Graduate has been asked by Scotland’s Colleges to  present a presentation on the role of assistive technologies in supporting students. This is the first of several network events planned for practitioners who are learning and teaching students with significant additional supportContinue reading “Supporting Students To Engage Meaningfully In The Learning Process”