DofE Diamond Challenge

IMG_4234.JPGAs a recipient of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, Julie know how much the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme had taught her about herself. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is the catalyst for the young people and will help them on their career path. Duke of Edinburgh Award is so much than recognising what young people can achieve but employers will recognise the young people’s attributes through this mean

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards in 2016 will celebrate 60th Anniversary & the next 5 years, ‪#‎DofE will directly impact 2 million 14 -25 years. Over the next 5 years, ‪DofE will directly impact 2 million 14 -25 years. It is going to be a Diamond Year for them in 2016.

Now appointed to the DofE Scottish Advisory Committee, it is an honour to serve on the Committee and one that I am passionate to ensuring the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme will enhance many more young people lives. The Award is well recognised amongst employers so for young people it gives them the prospect that it will aid them on the future path.

In the coming months, Julie look forward to sharing her DofE Scotland Diamond Challenge-Journey with you all and introducing the people and adventure along the way. It will be a pleasure to share these moments with Barry Fisher, CEO of DofE Scotland. He was the gentleman that signed off my Gold DofE Award.

You will be able to follow  Julie’s DofE Diamond Challenges and what she up to on DofE Diamond journey  via DofE Scotland.